How It All Began

AndelFilm was officially founded as AndelFilm List GmbH by Jonathan Andel and MMag. Michael List at the end of 2013. At heart was the desire to offer the widest possible range of high-quality services in the field of film in order to satisfy a broad variety of client needs with tailored solutions (full-service approach).
While Mr. Andel pursued his passion for film full-time for many years in both Austria and Spain, Mr. List worked intensively with the themes of business administration and law.

Within the framework of a project, the eventual founders met and decided on the alias AndelFilm, which Mr. Andel had used for years in his artistic activities and which was embedded in the legal structure of AndelFilm List GmbH. The complementary skills of the two founders encouraged a rapid build-up of the necessary structures, and thus, it was possible to begin full-operating activities shortly after founding.

At the start of 2014, AndelFilm established a partnership with the renowned Austrian production company Gemini Quint, and in the course, assumed the sound-technology implementation of the ServusTV television series “KulTOUR with Holender.” Additionally, in the first quarter of 2014, the proprietary editing suite moved to the tradition-oriented Filmstadt Wien, establishing an auxiliary location of the company.

We Offer

  • Complimentary consultation talk
  • Tailored concepts
  • New Media know-how
  • Individual support
  • Flexible implementation

Get to Know Us

Jonathan Andel
Jonathan AndelC E O / Creative Director

Jonathan Andel was born in Vienna on February 3, 1992. In early childhood, he moved to Gran Canaria, where he grew up trilingual. During this time, he took over the technical support of a local cinema company and contributed to various film projects. In addition, Mr. Andel worked as a freelance photographer and, due to his innovative approaches, built an extensive base of satisfied customers. In the course of military service, he returned to Vienna where he has since worked for many production companies.

Jonathan Andel has served in different functions in various prestigious projects such as Seitenblicke, Ring frei für die Speedgang and kulTOUR mit Holender.

In 2013, Jonathan Andel decided to set up his own production company, to pour his experience and passion into a legal framework. Together with Michael List, he founded AndelFilm List GmbH and is entrusted with managing the business. His expertise and extensive network make him a competent partner for cinematic concerns of all kinds.

MMag. Michael List
MMag. Michael ListC F O / Production Manager

Michael List was born in Vienna on December 16, 1981. After graduating from a commercial academy and completing his military service, he pursued Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Towards the end of his studies, Mr. List decided to enhance his knowledge of legal issues, additionally completing a major in Economics and Law. He also worked in companies involved in the technology and financial sectors in order to link theory and practice at an early stage.

Upon completion of the two study areas, he worked as a commercial director of a technology company and within the context of restructuring, was appointed to the Management Board with responsibility for a start-up. He devotes his free time to topics such as photography, film and sports.

Together with Mr. Andel, he founded AndelFilm List GmbH, where he is primarily responsible for the areas of production planning, project management and finance.

Our Philosophy


Whether corporate video, music clip, or new media content – all share the desire for perception. Ideally, they penetrate deep into the subconscious, touch, dig in and anchor sustainably. In a time with a flood of images, the creativity factor determines making an impression and standing out from the crowd. AndelFilm delivers individual, creative solutions. If you’re looking for a ready-made product, then this is not the place – we deliver tailor-made uniqueness.


In our digital world, there are countless ways of bringing an idea to the film medium. A broad spectrum of existing technologies and various recording/editing techniques enable breaking boundaries and merging fiction with reality. However, only the conscious and deliberate choice of instruments unleashes the unique expressiveness of the film medium. 


In our modern networked world, it has never been so easy to consume information from different parts of the world. Again and again, one encounters extraordinary achievements in a wide range of fields. Looking at these phenomena in more detail, one quickly realizes that geographic region and available capital are not the decisive factors. No – rather it is unique human beings with an unwavering will and passion to pursue their dreams. Let yourself be inspired by our passion.

Current Projects