Summer Night Concert – A Formation

Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to the Schönbrunn Palace Garden to witness one of Austria’s musical highlights. The Vienna Philharmonic captivates the audience with perfection in classical tones and, with its open-air performance, provides the Viennese Summer Night Concert’s unique flair. Around the world, millions of people can experience this unforgettable event live on their television screens.

In the documentary “Summer Night Concert – A Formation,” AndelFilm shows how much effort is required to achieve such a major event. A look behind the scenes reveals that the highest level of professionalism is required and that errors have no place. Under extreme time pressure and fickle weather conditions, a wide variety of companies are working to comply with the smallest details of the schedule. Will the concert succeed in inspiring countless people this time?

Format: TV documentary, 30 min, HD | Directors: Michael List, Jonathan Andel | Cinematographer: Jonathan Andel | Sound: Florian Herzog | Sound Mix: Daniel Mendoza | Editor: Michael List | VFX/Compositing: Aladin Steinzer | Producer: Jonathan Andel

An AndelFilm production