What would you do to find your missing daughter? That question is at the heart of the short film commissioned by Viennergy and produced by AndelFilm. In order to participate in international festivals, no expense has been spared. In addition to using professional movie cameras, the project involved approximately ten days of filming in exclusive locations such as the legendary pub Q [Kju], the extensive grounds of the Kollegiums Kalksburg and the gloomy cellar systems of Dialog im Dunkeln.

While a score from the famous Austrian producer Marko Zatler was obtained, the final 5.1 sound mixing was performed by our award-winning Spanish sound engineer. In total, more than 50 people were involved in the project.

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Format: Short, 25 min, 4K | Director: Michael List | Cinematographer: Jonathan Andel | Sound: Marcus Klutz | Sound Mix: Daniel Mendoza | Editor: Christopher Herndler | VFX/Compositing: Aladin Steinzer | Unit Manager: Peter Alain Alcantara | Composer: Marko Zatler |  Producer: Jonathan Andel | Executive Producers: Marcus Klutz, Clemens Limberg

An AndelFilm production for Viennergy